Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is a small spa town located in the midlands, and for a place that only has around 50,000 inhabitants, it sure does well with having a lively town centre. The high street, called The Parade, is littered with shops and pubs, and the side streets that connect to this road contain even more restaurants and cafes.

I moved to the area in September 2014 so I wouldn’t say I’m highly familiar with it, but the vibe I get from the town and from the people is very positive.

Here are some photos I took from today:

Royal Leamington Spa




Cafe 2

Royal Pump Rooms

The Parade

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Winter Walk

It’s Friday, so I hauled myself out of the office early enough to catch the remaining sunshine. Drove off the main road and into rural Kenilworth for a short walk, and here are three shots I took that I really like.



Gear: Fujifilm X100T, Adobe Lightroom