auf Englisch bitte | in English please

Moving abroad is always a significant task, and although it isn’t as drastic as my move from the Philippines to the UK when I was 12, I imagine it will still be a challenge in itself.

This blog has been set up to document my 6-month relocation from England to Germany from September onwards.
My knowledge of German is basic, so that alone should provide a bit of amusement to my readers (whom I expect will exclusively be my family and close-knit friends).

For those who don’t know, I graduated at Brunel University in 2012 with a BEng in Aviation Engineering. Currently doing a 2-year graduate scheme, where the move to Germany marks the start of my second year in the programme.

Not a social media expert by a long stretch, but typical outlets are as follows:

Twitter: @TheRealOskie

Instagram: @oskwaa



  1. annarashbrook · August 16, 2013

    Hi, I came across your blog while writing an entry for mine! We have been living in Austria for about six years and have been through the moving process. Do drop me a line if you need any help or info. My blog is https://annarashbrook.wordpress.com
    You may find some help on this site. http://www.expat-blog.com/
    I’ll be following your blog with interest!

    • wilkommenoskie · August 16, 2013

      Hi Anna,
      Thanks for the link to your blog and the other site. I will most certainly check out your blog! Time flies especially quick when you’re preparing the move.
      Great to hear from you.


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