It’s August already and I have yet to get any sort of confirmation for accommodation in Germany.

The deal is that my company is supposed to find me one from a list of apartments they have in Stuttgart. If there isn’t one available in that company-exclusive list, then I get a choice of opting for private housing. This isn’t ideal: I basically have to write the contract in my name and sort out everything myself, including paying for deposit, monthly rent payments, utilities, etc.

I’d rather take the former option – much less hassle.

It also complicates my preparation slightly as I don’t know if I should bring some of my own furniture from England or leave it.  If I am in the same situation in two weeks then it will truly be a case of panic mode! Let’s hope I get something soon.



Car Boot Sale, England


Spending this heat-filled weekend weather with the family at the east coast of England and stumbled across a car boot sale during a drive. Of course, we didn’t pass the chance on adding more to the endless amount of stuff we have at home.
This post is relevant as I made some (self-proclaimed) splendid purchases which will be taken to my new temporary home in Deutschland, as shown below.
If it is of interest, the four items:
  1. 50p book called ‘Star of the Sea’ about Irish immigrants travelling to New York to escape Ireland’s famine, among other things. Rave reviews it seems, so might be worth a read.
  2. Authentic watercolour painting of Norfolk Broads, painted and signed by a man from the local area. Cost and Value? Certainly seems a lot more than the £1.50 I managed to haggle.
  3. 3 snazzy coasters for just £1.
  4. A new tube of tennis balls for a pound!

All in all, I’d say a pretty good haul. And with still £1 left from my fiver, I treat myself to a nice cone of ice cream on this lovely summer’s day.


June 2013: Assignment Confirmation

So the process officially begins.

Back in February I got asked if I was interesting in working in Germany for six months as part of my graduate scheme. After four months of being in the unknown, I’ve now been told that the powers that be have given the thumbs up (!).

Looks like I will be there from September til February. The location is in Stuttgart (home of top automotive guns such as Porsche, Mercedes, and Bosch of course).

I have roughly 2.5 months to organise with HR all the bureaucratic paperwork that comes with relocating, finding a place to live, and most importantly improving my wonderful German language skills. Yikes.